Think differently. Act collectively.

The mission of the Corporate Coalition is to significantly reduce historic and continuing racial and economic inequities in the Chicago region by identifying and implementing new ways for companies to deploy their capital, capabilities, and employee enthusiasm.

We are an alliance of companies that operate in the Chicagoland region — large and small, public and private, old and new — committed to examining how we hire, support, promote, procure, and invest to create opportunities for everyone in our region. We know we must extend beyond the critical role of philanthropy and the important work of helping others improve their operations.

The Corporate Coalition of Chicago is committed to driving large-scale change, leveraging collective power across a variety of issues to combat systemic inequities. Today, that means:

  • Creating more healing-centered workplaces to retain and tap into the incredible talent in our city through the Chicago Resiliency Network;
  • Thinking – and acting – differently about how we invest financial capital across the region to support critical community initiatives through our EPIC Fund, an impact fund providing Equity Products for Investing in Communities;
  • Engaging with community-led catalytic development projects and the businesses within them by providing business connections to create partnerships and/or provide technical expertise via our Corporate Connector initiative.

Learn about our membersour leadershipour team, and our key initiatives, or contact us to discuss how your company can get involved.