The mission of the Corporate Coalition is to significantly reduce historic and continuing racial and economic inequities in the Chicago region.

To accomplish this goal, Corporate Coalition members believe that companies must stretch beyond their critical philanthropic contributions and their shared responsibility to help the public and non-profit sectors succeed. Leaders must question “business as usual” and create new opportunities through core business functions, including talent acquisition, employee advancement, site location, procurement, investments, and more. 

With community input and involvement, Corporate Coalition members are identifying new ways to work together to deploy their firms’ capital, capabilities, and employee enthusiasm, where collective action holds the promise of greater impact than companies working alone.

What makes this effort distinctive?

Chicago is blessed with many business-led organizations committed to the vitality of our region and its people.  The Corporate Coalition aims to be distinctive in this rich context by:

  • Focusing specifically on reducing racial and economic inequities 
  • The commitment of members to use and where necessary change their firms’ business activities in pursuit of the overall goals  
  • Focusing on initiatives in which working together creates greater impact than working alone 
  • Leveraging the networks and capabilities of anchor non-profits (e.g., the CBO Collaborative, Chicagoland Chamber, United Way) and public sector partners (e.g., the Mayor’s Office, County Board President’s Office, World Business Chicago) 
  • Focusing on action and execution 
  • Committing to tracking progress, measuring outcomes, and sharing lessons learned 
  • Fostering working relationships among businesses and community leaders 

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