Chicago Resiliency

Developing Healing-Centered Workplaces in the Chicago Region

Violence, poverty, structural racism, and other stressors expose thousands of Chicagoans to trauma on a daily basis.  These ongoing traumas impact the success of our fellow Chicagoans and their employers. 

Workplaces that acknowledge this challenge and implement healing-centered practices not only become more equitable, but also realize improvements in employee attendance, retention, productivity, and satisfaction.

The Chicago Resiliency Network will help employers develop trauma-informed, healing-centered practices, connecting employers with resources and peers, creating targeted solutions where gaps exist, and highlighting firms’ and employees’ efforts to build resiliency. 

Importantly, this effort supports the City and its implementation of the Chicago Recovery Task Force, which calls on Chicago to “address new and old traumas” as one of its five core priorities. 

Success will require deep and active engagement from the business community. The Chicago Resiliency Network seeks to make sure that engagement becomes a reality. You can read more about the Chicago Resiliency Network here.

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