Business Diversity – Supply Chain

Chicago companies can direct more of their expenditures toward local, diverse businesses.

Every year, Chicago’s business community purchases tens of billions of dollars in goods and services.

The Business Diversity – Supply Chain initiative — one of two Business Diversity initiatives — seeks to encourage Chicago’s businesses to direct more of those purchases to other Chicago-based businesses, with particular focus on black- and brown-owned businesses on Chicago’s South and West Sides.

Our Supplier Diversity initiative’s initial focus is on the food service sector, which is a large source of employment and wealth creation in many of Chicago’s South and West side neighborhoods. Foodservice spend has often gone overlooked from a corporate spend perspective as it is typically a low cost category.

Longer-term, the initiative will work in partnership with World Business Chicago’s CASE (Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy), which seeks to leverage the buying power of anchor institutions, such as hospitals and universities, to collectively impact Chicagoland neighborhoods. 

CASE has identified a wide range of other goods and services — advertising and promotional services and supplies, IT and AV services, security services, office supplies and furniture, interior and exterior maintenance and supplies, and a variety of others, that can easily be purchased and sourced locally, often with equivalent or superior client service, quality, and pricing compared to national suppliers.

The Supply Chain Diversity initiative will keep revenue in our local economy, generating growth, jobs, and wealth in communities that have historically not been beneficiaries of Chicago’s robust economy.

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